Vince McMahon-XFL Returns in 2020

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Vince McMahon-XFL Returns in 2020

Vince McMahon is starting the ill fated XFL again in 2020

XFL started in 2001, but because of the dismal ratings it ended the same year. I remember XFL t shirts and hats being on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx. They have 2 years to plan and Vince seems confident it will work this time. It is just difficult for anyone to compete with the NFL brand that is almost 100 years old. People are too invested into their NFL teams and the tradition. Also every sport needs an off season for fans to (so to speak) recover after a long season.

Me and Duggerman were chopping it up about this this morning. I think Vince is looking for some type of attention. I know personally I haven't watched the WWE since I was in high school. I did not know that the WWE's ratings are at an all time low. I remember in it's heyday The WWE arena events were always sold out. Now they are not consistently filling those seats. I didn't realize that until Duggerman broke it down for me. So it seems with the re-launching of the XFL, (along with Rounda Rousey signing) that Vince is trying to keep his name/WWE brand name hot. Rousey for a guest appearance I get but as a signed wrestler I don't understand. Wish them the best.

I think Vince's needs to focus on his bread and butter (WWE) or sell it. He needs to go back to square one and figure out how to get the fans back to the companies height in last 90's early 2000's. He's throwing money away with the XFL venture.

If he's not careful he will end up like Berry Gordy. Gordy couldn't be stopped when Motown was the unstoppable label in the 60's. When he went to Hollywood to produce movies and television he left control of the label to people who were not managing things correctly. He had the vision but not the finances and knowledge (at the time)  to compete with the Hollywood film companies. As a result when he went back to try to stabilize the label it was in shambles and he was losing millions monthly. And had no choice but to sell his prized possession in 1988. Vince could be in the same position if he's not careful.